A virtual paralegal enables sole practitioners and small firms to take advantage of

the economy that effective use of a paralegal can provide to a practice, on an as needed basis.”


Partnering with CNY Paralegal enables sole practitioners and small law firms to find the success they want to achieve, without incurring the cost of overhead and staff employment.  CNY Paralegal is an independent contractor and specialist in the real estate field.  By working with us, you incur no recruiting or training costs, allowing you more time to focus on your business without incurring the costs associated with in-house staff.  CNY Paralegal offers services that range from assisting with real estate transactions to covering employee absences, or coming to an attorneys’ office to pick up files of overflow work.   We offer the following services to attorneys who want assistance but cannot afford to hire a full-time employee or who find that their staff could use the additional help:

  • Draft contracts
  • Prepare deeds and mortgages
  • Residential and Commercial closings: sales, purchases, refinances
  • Estate planning title transfers: Review files to determine documentation needed and forms of transfers best suitable for clients
  • Prepare HUD settlement statements and mortgage closing statements
  • Prepare loan documents
  • Review and organize title documents provided by clients
  • Review abstracts of title, tax searches and surveys
  • Review surveys and tax maps; Plot legal descriptions
  • Work with title companies and attorneys to resolve title issues
  • Work with title companies, surveyors, realtors to perpetuate closings
  • Prepare deeds, Forms TP-584 and RP-5217, Affidavits, Closing statements
  • Prepare Notes, Mortgages, amortization schedules
  • Prepare and review real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Meetings with clients for document execution
  • Attendance at closings
  • Proficient in use of online property tax services, assessor records, County Clerk records
  • Proficient in use of various programs to prepare HUD Settlement Statements
  • Proficient in the use of ACRIS (New York City document program required for the five (5) Boroughs)
  • Proficient in the use of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgage forms
  • Maintain client contact and relationships
  • Build and maintain working relationships with attorneys and staff

In Central New York (Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Oneida, Cortland and Cayuga Counties), we are able to meet you at your office and pick up or deliver if circumstances require a fast turnaround time. Out of area travel is also available.

We also offer expedited services if your time is critical.