There are companies out there sending solicitations to homeowners asking for $60 or more to obtain a copy of their deed from the County Clerk’s Office.  Attorneys should let their clients know about these companies and their false claims.  An individual or title company can get a copy of a deed from the County Clerk’s Office for $10 or less.

Below is the Suffolk County Clerk Notice:

Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale would like to remind all homeowners to refrain from wasting money on a variety of companies offering to sell certified copies of deeds at a cost of up to 1,200% more than what a person would pay to receive the same copy through the Clerk’s Office.

“Although new regulations have gone into effect regarding the practice of these companies which offer to sell you a copy of your deed; these letters can often be confusing and give the impression and create a sense of urgency regarding the false need for a certified copy of your deed,” commented Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale.  “As a result of these companies’ practices, my office has again been inundated with calls from Suffolk County homeowners who are confused and perplexed.”  Specifically, a company known as National Deed Service has recently targeted many areas of Suffolk County.

“Some of the most common questions can be summed up in the following statements; first there is no general sense of urgency to have a copy of your deed on hand at all times.  Second, if you should ever need a certified copy of your deed, my office stands ready to provide you with a certified copy of your deed for a small fee that is usually five dollars,” concluded Suffolk County Clerk Judith A. Pascale.


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